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What's the "Shutter Menu"?

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2013 11:46AM CST
To open the Shutter Menu, tap and hold the shutter icon on the right-hand side of the screen.  If the shutter button isn't displayed,  you can add it to your interface in the Widget Box.  The Shutter Menu is home to six different shutter modes.  These are: Single Shot, Timer, Voice Control, Anti-shake, Multi-shot, and Big Button.  Just choose your shutter mode and tap the icon to exit.

tap and hold the shutter buttonshutter menu

Single Shot Mode

This is the default mode for taking single photos without special enhancements or additional features.  To switch to Single Shot mode, tap the Single Shot mode in Shutter Menu.

single shot mode

Multi-Shot Mode

This mode allows you to take a series of shots in quick succession.  Perfect for action shots.  To switch to Multi-Shot mode, tap the Multi-Shot mode in Shutter Menu.

Tap one of the outer ring's buttons to tell the camera to take 3, 4, or 5 continuous shots.

multi-shot mode

Anti-Shake Mode

This mode will prevent you from taking blurry photos due to excessive shaking by not allowing you to take the photo until your camera is steady.  To switch to the Anti-Shake mode, tap the Anti-Shake mode in Shutter Menu.

anti-shake mode

Timer Mode

Use this mode to tell your camera to automatically take a picture after a specified amount of time.  To switch to the Timer mode, tap the Timer mode in Shutter Menu.

Tap one of the outer buttons to set your camera to take a picture after 2, 5, or 10 seconds.

timer mode

Big Button Mode

This mode turns your screen into one big shutter button.  With this mode selected, you can tap anywhere on the screen to focus and snap your photo.  To switch to Big Button mode, tap the Big Button mode in Shutter Menu.

big button mode

Voice Control Mode

This mode allows you to take a picture by voice command.  To switch to Voice Control mode, tap the Voice Control mode in Shutter Menu.

After selecting this mode, tap the Shutter button once to activate.  Once activated, you can take a picture by making a loud noise, such as shouting a command or a making a loud clap.  Tap the shutter button again to deactivate.

voice control mode


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