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What can I do in the "Settings Menu"?

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2013 11:47AM CST
The Settings Menu allows you to change various settings of the Blux Camera, such as turning the sound on and off, restoring to default settings, and sharing the Blux Camera with your friends.

To access the Settings Menu, simply swipe down on the default screen or tap the settings icon at the top right corner of the viewfinder.  There are six pages in the Settings Menu, which can be accessed by spinning around and stop on the specific page to set something up.

swipe downgo the settings quickly

First Page

settings first page

1. Widget Box

Turning this option on will cause a '+' icon to appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Tap on the '+' icon to open the Widget Box across the bottom of your screen. The Widget Box provides you with a number of photographic tools, including a level, composition grid, histogram, and other tools to customize your interface to fit your photographic style.

Turn the Widget Box on and the '+' icon shows up on the screen; tap on the '+' icon to display the tools contained in the Widget Box.

open widget boxwidget box

2. Toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit in the Settings Menu

Due to popular demand, we added this option in the latest version Blux Camera 1.0.1. Now, you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit by swiping down on the home screen to pull up the Settings Menu, then switching the button next to Celsius to your desired setting. This allows PEAR to report the current temperature to you in the units you are most familiar with.

3. Blux Optimization

We have so much to say about this important feature that it deserves it's own section in our Support Center. Keep your eyes open for a special feature on Blux Optimization in the future.

4. Ratio 4:3
Because the view screen and the iPhone's sensor dimensions aren't accurately matched up, the dimensions of the image that you take might be slightly larger than what you intended.  For certain situations, switching to 4:3 mode will ensure a 100% accurate dimension of what is on the view screen and the captured image.
To shoot 4:3 pictures, slide the switch to the On position.

ratio 43 offratio 43 on

5. Shake to Reset

Turning this option on will allow you to quickly reset the filter, scene mode, and photo adjustment on your image to default by shaking your phone.

Second Page

settings second page

1. Export with the Original

As from the version 1.0.3 both for iPhone and iPad we changed the way of saving photos. Before when you took a photo with Blux, the photo would automatically save in the iPhone's Camera Roll. You could view your photo both in Blux Camera's Photo Album and in your iPhone's Camera Roll. Now after you take the photo, it automatically saves to Blux Camera's Photo Album, but you need to manually export it to the iPhone's Camera Roll. In the latest version 1.0.4, users are allowed to export multiple photos to iPhone's camera roll at one time.

When "Export with the Original" is switched to the 'On' position, there will be two photos saved in your iPhone's Camera Roll when you export a photo: a filtered one (with all filters, effects, and scene modes applied) and an original one.

2. Sound - Blux Camera's sound effects

3. Sharing Settings

Now users are able to share their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Picasa. 

share settingsshare_settings

4. Rate Us

Please rate us in the App Store!

rate us

5. Restore Factory Settings

You can reset the Blux Camera to default settings by choosing this option.

restore factory settingrestore Blux Camera

Third Page

Tap on each of the three tutorial videos to learn how to use Blux Camera.

settings third page

Fourth Page

Share Blux Camera with your friends via email or message. Alternatively, share the QR code so your friends can scan it to get Blux Camera.

settings fourth page

Fifth Page

Blux Movie is a video app also developed by Blux Touch.  It is the first 1080P video app with Hollywood-inspired HD filters.

settings fifth page

Sixth Page

Here  you can view the version number of Blux Camera and send us email, as well as visit our Facebook Fan Page.

settings sixth page


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